Cha Cha Charming is a journalistic tribute to girl-powered pop- past, present, and future, and from all over the globe. This girl pop web magazine is bursting with interviews, rare photos, and comprehensive articles covering female pop stars from Tokyo to Paris.

Cha Cha Charming is written in both Japanese and English, and features massive and thorough guides to Japanese pop singers, France's "ye-ye" scene, American girl groups, and Scandinavian girl bands. In its quest to introduce readers to a wide range of female artists rarely covered in your average music magazine, Cha Cha Charming stands out as the ultimate source for the world of female pop.

Previously a print magazine, Cha Cha Charming has recently become a full-fledged web magazine.

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Issue #3

Interview with Japanese girl-pop duo, Puffy
Behind Britney & the Backstreet Boys
Tokyo twin sisters, Chocolat & Heaco
Addicted to Karaoke, Japanese Sixties Beat Girls, Sixties pop princess Diane Renay and much more!

Issue #2

Guide to Japanese Pop Music - including Puffy, Bonnie Pink, Shena Ringo, My Little Lover, Chara, Every Little Thing, etc.
French yeye Girls - Chantal Kelly, Gillian Hills, Sylvie Vartan
Guide to Sixties Girl Singers Part II
Musicians, record collectors, and journalists select their favorite girl group records plus more!

Issue #1

Huge Guide to American & British girl groups
Interview with sixties girl group, The Pixies Three
Interview with Metal Queen, Doro Pesch
France Gall feature The Megadeth story and more!