Date of Birth:

September 18, 1977

Place of Birth:

Tehran, Iran


Record collecting, '60s girl groups, Woody Allen, Tokyo, Bee Gees, Tantakatan, Stevie Nicks, BUST magazine, Shena Ringo, DJing, Mary Quant, Seka, Lester Bangs, South Park, throwing parties, Veronica Lake, Freaks & Geeks, electronic darts, Tommy February6, kisses, Swedish pop, Andrew Loog Oldham, airplanes, Teddy Girls, Mad Men, Ava Gardner, Courreges, red wine, Brigitte Bardot, body cream, Tina Fey, Rock's Backpages, Bill Murray, Dita Von Teese, pumpkin, Tsutsumi Kyohei, throwing parties, intimacy.

Favorite Animals:

Cats, frogs.

Best Personality Traits:

Motivated, caring, smart, generous, enthusiastic.

Worst Personality Traits:

Selfish, impatient, uptight, judgemental.

Favorite Places:

Tokyo, New York, London, Palm Springs.

Favorites Films Of All Time:

Sleeper (Woody Allen), Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin), Roman Holiday, Fearless, House Of Games, Alice In Wonderland (Walt Disney), Children Of Heaven, Crazy/ Beautiful, Getsuyoubi No Yuka, Head (The Monkees), Groundhog Day, Spirited Away, Lost In Translation, Beat Girl, Ghost World.

Favorite Drinks;

Red wine, cold sake, english tea.

Favorite Food:

Tonkatsu, mozzarella and tomato sandwiches, kimichi, spicy tuna rolls, uni, pizza, various Iranian rice dishes.

Favorite Books:

The Witches- Roald Dahl, Cunt- Inga Muscio, High Fidelity- Nick Hornby.

Favorite Magazines:

Bust, Lula.

Favorite Bands Of All Time:

Abba, My Bloody Valentine, Megadeth, The Shangri Las, Saint Etienne, My Little Lover, Shena Ringo, Bee Gees.

Favorite Voice:

Nina Persson (The Cardigans), Brenda Reid (The Exciters).

Biggest Fear:


Current Job:

A&R, Cha Cha Charming, BUST magazine, freelance music writer.

Intensely Dislike:

Ignorance, mildew, Brooklyn all of a sudden being the trendiest place in the world, boredom, bitches, the Japanese Lolita complex, chains taking over the world, copycats, know-it-alls.

People I Admire:

Mae West, Ellie Greenwich, Shena Ringo, Tsutsumi Kyohei, Stevie Nicks, Sofia Coppola.

Changed My Life:

The Beauty Myth- Naomi Wolf, panic attacks, moving to London ('95-'97), moving to Tokyo ('03-'04), Timeshifting- Stephan Rechtschaffen, e-mail, Loveless- My Bloody Valentine.

Favorite Things